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   I’m nature photographer based in Canmore, Alberta.


   Originally from Poland, I have been living in the Canadian Rockies since 1992; the first few years in Lake Louise, later in Kananaskis Village and currently in Canmore.

My photography journey started soon after moving to beautiful Lake Louise. First with a Nikon 35 mm film camera, later transitioning to large format Linhof Technika and in 2006 I made the leap into the digital world of photography, using both Canon and Nikon full-frame camera systems. The latest digital camera systems offer the convenience of digital workflow with excellent image quality and resolution.


   The objective of my photography is to capture the beauty of the land we live in and around. I’m striving to record those timeless moments when light transforms the landscape. My focus is on the awareness of light and its intensity and how it affects the subject. I like to explore the location and get a feel for the place and it’s potential. Sometimes a few seconds may decide between a successful capture of a special moment or a missed opportunity.

I hope that my photographs will take you to those locations and offer a chance to experience the beauty of the landscape around us.


   Thank you for visiting.

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